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Books, Ebooks And Software

This website provides information on lots of different Books, eBooks and Software on a large variety of topics. so there is bound to be something that will interest you

Most the books on this site are real paper type books that you can order and have delivered straight to your door, wherever you live in the world. Most publishers will deliver through the postal services/ air mail etc, and so whatever your postal address, the item should reach you without too much difficulty

eBooks - PDF or EXE

eBooks are "digital" products which means there is usually no hard copy i.e. paper book required. Here the products are meant to be read using your computer, often in the familiar PDF format, which requires the FREE Acrobat Reader - this is a FREE download, so if your computer does not yet have Acrobat installed, it is a very simple process to correct this. Some eBooks are published as EXE files, which allow for more "features" by the author which might not be available in the PDF format. In general EXE format eBooks are meant for Windows Computers and will not run on a Mac. So if your computer is not a Windows machine then you will need to steer clear of any EXE type eBooks

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

As a general rule most eBooks come with a full 90 day money back guarantee, and the products can usually be downloaded immediately your payment is received. This means when you pay for the products via a payment processor like Paypal, you will be invited to click on the "continue" button, after your payment is confirmed, and pressing this button will redirect you to the download page. Its a good idea to make sure you always remember to click on the "continue" button before exiting the Payment Processor screen. With traditional hard copy Books it can be difficult to send the product back because the postage cost could be considerable, however with an eBook this is not a problem as any difficulties can be resolved with the merchant via email

Software Products

There is often a cross-over between eBooks that are produced as an EXE file and a piece of software which is also usually an EXE application or program. Some eBook sellers in effect are selling a full blown peice of software such as anti virus software that can protect your computer against unwanted attacks from malicious hackers. There are also programs such as Registry cleaners which help your computer to work faster and more efficiently, by making sure the registry entries are cleaned up properly from time to time. You will also find other products of interest on this site which are neither Books or Sofware products, this is because we are diversifiying into other areas such as mobile phones, cameras etc and other similar items which are in demand on the internet

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